The Creative Playground

When was the last time you were told to enjoy play time? As we grow up, we’re told in many different ways, that it’s time to get serious. Play for adults is often viewed as unproductive and childish, unless the play is competitive.

Through play we stimulate the imagination which is an essential part of being human. We believe that engaging in a creative task with others can be refreshing and rejuvenating. Creative Playground exists to help you to express your creative self, look at things differently, have fun, let go and get a little messy.

Creative Playground presents workshops designed for adults to play with art and other materials. Some workshops are purely playing with the nature of the materials, at other workshops you make something to take away.            


Workshops are from 1-3hrs. For between 4 to10 participants, though other numbers can be requested.

Creative Playground is passionate about sustainability and recycling, so things you learn and make at our workshops are designed to bring pleasure in long-term use.